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Examining your navel again?

“Christianity is not an intrinsic religion. We are not supposed to look inward at our own potential, capabilities or weaknesses. We are always supposed to be looking outward and upward at Christ Jesus and what He is supposed to be in us. The enemy would always have us looking inward because then we become insecure because we never are enough in our own estimation. As long as we are looking inward, we will never be victorious as Christians, we will always highlight our weaknesses and downplay our strengths. But when we stop looking at ourselves and start looking outward at who Jesus Christ is and who, by His Spirit, He wants to be in us, then we will see His power demonstrated in our lives.” – Priscilla Shirer

My sweet and wise mother used to tell us when “we were examining our navels” too often. She meant we were so busy looking at ourselves and complaining about our own problems that we would forget to look outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture of what God was doing in and through our lives. When we start looking outwards at Christ, we are humbled by His greatness, His grace to us, and the infinite mercy He shows us. Praise flows naturally from our lips, and our paradigm shifts. Life is NOT about us! The Apostle Paul said “to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. When we come to the assurance that our lives are about serving Him, not ourselves, then we are in a position to be used by Him, in order to advance His kingdom agenda, and to bring Him glory. There is no greater peace than to know that you are being used by God to enrich the lives of others!


Just READ!

Reading God’s Word is to develop a more intimate relationship with Him. We are to have a Kingdom view about life. We are to live with that in mind. But the only way to develop that accurate Kingdom view is to know the Kingdom creator. And we can’t know Him apart from His Word.

Just like your relationship with your husband, you know him better now than you new him when you first married. And the relationship with your children has grown – you know them better today than you did when they were 1, or 5, or 15 (when you wondered if they were even yours, they behaved so badly!). But it also works the other way – if you don’t spend time with someone, in 20 years, you will have known them longer, but you really don’t know them any better. Relationships develop over time, not overnight, and a relationship with the Lord is no different.

So just start reading. Start anywhere. New Testament, Old Testament – the Word is designed to impart knowledge of God to His children. Don’t think every time you read you will have a “lightening bolt” moment. God WILL reveal Himself to you through the Word, by the indwelling Holy Spirit. He will help you understand because He wants you to know Him! Just read, and over time, you will be amazed by the gems of knowledge He has hidden in your heart. It is a lifelong process. Just sit at His feet and tell Him you just want to know Him a little bit better today.

Go read!


In Him forever,